Tủ Lạnh Panasonic 363 Lít Nr-Bx418Vsvn


Delicate design with flat exterior

The Panasonic NR-BX418VSVN 363-liter refrigerator impresses with its flat exterior design, the lower freezer compartment for heavy items placed below, while the frequently used refrigerator compartment is above. This new stylish refrigerator makes food easy to see, easy to put in và take out.

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Usable capacity 363 liters

The 363-liter fridge ensures good use for families of 6 to 7, allowing you to lớn store large amounts of fresh food for your family khổng lồ use for days without having to go to lớn the market many times.


Cool quickly và evenly with Panorama refrigeration technology

The Panasonic NR-BX418VSVN refrigerator equips with Panorama refrigeration công nghệ capable of multidimensional cooling by blowing cold air quickly & distributing cold air evenly lớn every corner of the freezer, helping khổng lồ preserve food. Freshness in the best-refrigerated environment.


Ag Clean technology antibacterial, deodorizing is strong

The Panasonic NR-BX418VSVN refrigerator applies Ag Clean antibacterial and deodorizing technology with Ag + ions capable of killing up to lớn 99% of mold and bacteria, eliminating unpleasant odors caused by food, và at the same time preventing the emergence of new bacteria from food, keeping food fresh longer and safe for the health of users.


Chilled Case

Maintaining a temperature of approx. -1.5°C~3.5°C, this case preserves freshness by chilling foods without freezing them. It"s suitable for meat, fish và other foods that need khổng lồ be cooked soon, or for dairy products lượt thích yogurt.

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Less Mixing of Odors with 3 Separate Cases

The three separate cases let you store items separately khổng lồ help prevent mixing of odors. Và the cases are different heights, so you can store items by size.


Outstanding energy saving

More Advanced Cooling with Intelligent Inverter Control

A refrigerator is always on, so it uses more electricity than any other household appliance.But there’s no need khổng lồ worry with a smart inverter refrigerator. It varies power lớn suit the situation – more power during the day when it’s often opened & closed, and less power during the night when it’s hardly used. The result is extremely efficient operation for dramatic energy saving, less noise và quick, powerful cooling.

ECONAVI Gets Results by Adjusting lớn Your Lifestyle

The ECONAVI refrigerator monitors temperature in the room, when and how often the fridge doors are opened, và the fridge’s internal temperature. It analyzes & responds to this information lớn maintain ideal cooling và avoid wasting energy.

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Durable tray for long-term use

The tray of the Panasonic NR-BX418VSVN refrigerator makes of high-strength tempered glass, withstands great weight (up to lớn 100 kg), and long-term use. As a result, you can rest assured when storing bottles, heavy objects on the shelf of the cabinet door, or other foods in the refrigerator compartment.


product Characteristics
Usable Capacity363L
Capacity of freezer compartment110L
Capacity of cool refrigerator compartment253L
Inverter TechnologyYes
Power Consumption~ 0.92 kW/per day
Other energy saving modeEconavi
Refrigeration technologyPanorama
Deodorizing, antibacterial technologyAg Clean antibacterial technology with Ag + silver crystal
Food Preservation TechnologyChilled Case, Fresh safe Vegetable Case
UtilitiesFast cooling compartment
Fridge TypesBottom Freezer
Number of Doors2 doors
Door materialPowder coated
Shelf MaterialBearing glass tray
Dimensions - Weight1624 x 685 x 698 milimet - 64 kg
LightsLED lights
Origin of productionThailand
Launch year 2015