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“What are your hobbies?” is an interview question that is commonly asked across all job profiles. Your interview might also ask something like, “What are your favourite hobbies?”, “How would you describe your hobbies?” or “What bởi you lượt thích to vì chưng in your không lấy phí time?”. So, you might have a menu of hobbies ready but choosing the right hobbies và interests và answering them intelligently will help you impress the interviewer. Read this blog to lớn know all about how lớn answer “What are your hobbies?”, example answers, how to write about your hobbies & more!.

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How lớn Answer “What are Your Hobbies?”

Finding the best answer to “What are your hobbies?” can be difficult because you need lớn consider a plethora of things before answering this question. Firstly you must always mention hobbies of interest, which might not just include popular hobbies lượt thích reading & watching Netflix but go beyond that like playing a particular sport or collecting certain things like stamps, coins and so on.

Here is how khổng lồ answer “What are your hobbies?”:

Tell your hobbies with passion!Mention your favourite interests or pastime with zeal & then add an anecdote or backstory khổng lồ make it interesting. Hobbies can be the key lớn your personalityOne of the important reasons why an interviewer asks you about your hobbies khổng lồ know you better and where your innate interests lie. This can represent your personality so choose the hobby wisely.Keep your explanation short and crispWhile talking about your hobby, make sure that you keep it short and concise. For instance, your hobby is reading, after mentioning the same, địa chỉ any recent book you have read or how you got interested in reading by putting a backstory to lớn it. This will spark the interviewer’s interest in your profile.Connect your hobbies with your jobThis is another golden brownie point you can earn by connecting your interests with your career. For example, as a business development manager, you lượt thích volunteering, mention how volunteering with different NGOs has improved your interpersonal skills, helped you learn about people of various backgrounds & further keeps you on your feet.Explain how your hobbies make you a better personWhile hobbies are more connected with rejuvenating và unwinding, you can always mention how a certain hobby adds to lớn a particular skill in your life. For instance, reading can help you become a better writer & storyteller while playing sports teaches us about teamwork, the importance of fitness and so on.Don’t mention anything political or controversialThis is a big no for answering “What are your hobbies?” as political opinions are often different amongst people and organisations while anything controversial can further leave a bad impression on the interviewer. So, stay away from adding any political interests or controversial hobbies.Never say you have no hobbiesSaying that you have no hobbies will also leave a bad impression on your interviewer. Instead, you can mention something you are learning during that point of time or anything interest that you have got inclined to, from learning something as simple as cooking to watching psychological thrillers, you can mention even the simplest of interests with a striking story.
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What the Interviewer Wants to lớn Know

When an interview asks you the question “What are your hobbies?”, it actually means that you have sparked their interest & they want to lớn know more about you as a well-rounded individual that aligns with their company culture. Here are the key things an interview really wants to lớn know and assess when asking about your hobbies and interests:

To know what you are passionate about & your interests in other things outside of work.How your interests and hobbies align with your work responsibilities;How you spend your pastime, whether on the same day-to-day activities or learning something new or doing something creative.To discern a little bit about your personal life và the person you are outside of the work responsibilities.

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How lớn Describe Yourself in an Interview?

Interview Preparation Tips for Questions Related to lớn Hobbies/Interests

Let’s begin with discussing the best tips & tricks you can use while formulating your answer to the questions related to “What are your hobbies?”

Ponder Upon your Skills or Qualities

Before you begin drafting your answer for “What are your hobbies?”, sit down & contemplate on what excites you the most, what are your interests, what do you lượt thích doing the most in your không lấy phí time? Answering such questions will enable you in identifying your hobbies, likes and dislikes.

Elaborate why you lượt thích Pursuing a Particular Hobby

Give potential reasons for every interest or activity you mention for the question of “What are your Hobbies?”. Connect a hobby to your childhood or elaborate how you got interested in the particular activity và how it helps you blow off steam và enjoy your không lấy phí time.

Judiciously Choose your Hobbies

You might find interest in many activities that are unrelated khổng lồ work but you must mention them wisely in a personal interview. The question ‘What are your hobbies?’ is generally put forward khổng lồ lighten up the atmosphere but whilst answering it, you should not forget to lớn keep it professional. Hence, you must carefully select your hobbies lượt thích travelling, any thể thao you lượt thích to play, reading, cooking, volunteering etc.

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Highlight Work-life Balance

To whichever role you are applying for, you can easily find some points to lớn relate with your current profile or the job you are interviewing for. Through this, you can easily build a connection between your skills, interests và hobbies. For example, If you are interviewing for a position of a content writer, you can describe how you love reading books which have also helped in boosting your vocabulary & made you interested in creative writing.

What Not to lớn Mention

No matter how well prepared we are, the choice of words also plays a key role in an interview. Hence, you must equally focus on what lớn say and what not to say. Take a look at the following tips while answering ‘what are your hobbies?’-

Avoid mentioning any controversial hobby.Do not explain too much about your personal life. Keep your answer concise and crisp.Make sure that the hobbies you speak about work in your favour and do not go against the job responsibilities.Never say ‘no’ as an answer as it can make a negative impression on the interviewer thus influencing their decision.

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How khổng lồ Answer What are your Hobbies if you Don’t Have Any Hobbies?

Some of the candidates get bewildered by this question especially when they vì chưng not have a hobby. In such cases, instead of panicking và awkwardly saying no as an answer, you should take your time và anticipate what you enjoy doing in your daily schedule. The interviewer basically wants to know that what you enjoy doing & it would be simply anything that you like. During the time of the interview, you may be judged by your ability of answering the question rather than analysing what you lượt thích to bởi vì in your miễn phí time, thus, one shall never state no as an answer.

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You may not be able lớn put something under the category of ‘hobby’ but there will be something that you enjoy doing apart from your daily tasks. It can be anything as simple as gardening, taking your pet for a walk, writing a journal, etc. Introspect and try thinking of something that gives you peace & happiness during the day. We are sure you will be able khổng lồ gauge out what you have been looking for.

How khổng lồ Write about Your Hobbies?

Hobbies are often enlisted in a resume/CV và you can create a special section on Hobbies và Interests in your resume for the same. You can danh mục up to lớn 5-7 hobbies in your resume & even more, but wisely. Don’t mention very generic hobbies like listening to music or watching TV but go specific lượt thích what type of music you love or the type of TV shows & series you are interested in.

What are your Hobbies Funny Answers

Now that we know the serious things to lớn mention in the interview question for ‘What are your hobbies’, here are some fun answers and memes you shouldn’t take seriously!