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''The exception unknown software exception '' is a common error displayed normally when trying lớn run an application. Besides that, it can appear during a game play or even when shutting down the computer. 
This error message might appear regardless of the windows version ; it is not exclusive to lớn any version. According to lớn users, the error message is persistent. Meaning, the error might pop up even after closing it forcefully. 
Generally the problem is accompanied with different error codes. Al though the problem comes with different error codes, the solution remains the same. This particular error is known khổng lồ be caused by various reasons. Even though, there are different scenarios for this error, there exists some common repair strategies.

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In this article, I will be illustrating about 7 Ways to Fix The Exception Unknown Software Exception Occurred in the Application At Location. All the required information needed to lớn fix this error is presented in this post.
Corrupt system files can also be the reason behind unknown software exception error. System tệp tin Checker is one of the tools developed by Microsoft lớn fix corrupt system files. It essentially removes all corrupt system files off your computer.
Go khổng lồ StartType '' cmd '' and right click on itChoose '' Run as Administrator ''Type and press Enter after the command
As mentioned earlier, third buổi tiệc ngọt softwares often interfere and cause this error. One way to identify if a third party program is causing this issue is by performing clean boot. Clean boot restricts most of the startup programs that launch when you start the computer. By performing clean boot you can also fix most of the driver related problems. 
Press '' Windows + R ''Type '' msconfig '' and Press EnterGo to lớn the Services tabEnsure that '' Hide all Microsoft services '' is checkedPress '' Disable all ''Go to lớn the Startup tabPress xuất hiện task managerSelect the applications và Press DisablePress Apply & Ok
Certain third buổi tiệc nhỏ applications such as VPNs & tunneling softwares can cause this error. This happens mainly if the programs installed on your computer interferes with each other. If this is the case, you will probably resolve the issue by uninstalling third các buổi party applications. You must delete all the third party application you are not using. Và then restart the device to see if the issue still persists. 
Some Antivirus programs are known to block other application installed on your computer. Even some legitimate softwares has the tendency khổng lồ get blocked. Therefore, if you suspect the Antivirus program to lớn be the culprit you should immediately remove them off your PC.

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An operating system that is not updated properly will face issues with bugs & glitches. Sometimes if your operating system is not updated properly, your computer might stop working. Thus, you can fix the issue easily by checking available updates.
System restore is a feature which reverts your OS lớn a point of time the PC was working properly. This method is especially useful if any recent changes khổng lồ the PC triggered this error. But you must have few restore points created so that you can choose from one of them. If you aren't sure when this error started appearing, restore using the oldest restore point.
Press '' Windows + R ''Type '' System Restore ''Go khổng lồ the System Protection tabClick on System RestoreCheck the box '' Show more restore points ''Press Next
If none of the above methods have managed to lớn resolve the issue, that means there are some underlaying system problems. Under this condition, you should be able to lớn resolve the issue only by reinstalling windows. Reinstalling windows will reset all windows components. Al though this process involves some data loss, you should be able to lớn keep your personal files và apps.

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