It was not until after we had been on the highway for several hours that Peter asked me if I wanted stop at a restaurant for a bite to lớn eat.

In my opinion, It ~ that ~ is a sentence that emphasize after “that” & be not (A) until ~ means not A before ~.

My questions are1. How is two conjunction used continuously?2. Explanations of the sentence of It be not until ~ that ~. Is it “not A until B” + “It ~ that ~”?

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"It ~ that ~" is a structure with no context. There has to be more in it to lớn specify what is going on:

It was before X that Y


It was after X that Y

Your example only explains the timeline of events, with no particular emphasis on the part of the sentence after "that". It"s also not quite correct:

It was not until after we had been on the highway for several hours that Peter asked me if I wanted to stop at a restaurant for a bite to eat.

The entire structure is possibly a "cleft sentence" (according to Mv Log), while, "After we had been on the highway for several hours," is possibly a prepositional phrase.

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answered Dec 26, 2017 at 21:02

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