Do You Mind If I Cancel?: (Things That Still Annoy Me) Kindle


When somebody asks the question "Do you mind if...", there seem to be two possible responses.

"Sure" and "No, not at all", which both mean that the person doesn"t mind."Actually, I bởi mind", which means that the person does mind.

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Why is this so confusing? Especially, how come people reply "Sure" lớn this question, if that could be understood to mean that they for sure vì mind?



"Do you mind..." is a polite way of asking "Can you...." For this reason, it"s usually acceptable khổng lồ respond to lớn the semantic intent of the question by answering "Yes (I can vày that)", rather than responding lớn the grammatical size with "No (I don"t mind)".

Native speakers sometimes get confused by this, too.

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"Sure" isn"t answering the question as asked; it"s answering an implied question, namely: "is it OK with you if...".

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"No, not at all" is answering the question, taken literally.


I"d rather try to circumvent the problem. How about something lượt thích this:

*"Do you mind if I xuất hiện the window?""Go on."

*"Do you mind if I take a piece of cake?""Serve yourself."

In the first case it"s useful to lớn smile if you think it sounds rude.


People seem to lớn want lớn answer in the affirmative when granting permission (me included), so I usually ask the question that way: "Is it OK if I..."

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Word/phrase/idiom lớn describe avoiding answering a question by stating the question doesn't need khổng lồ be asked
Idiom or Synonym for Someone who looks/feels lượt thích you could trust them, like they are someone reliable?
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