Describe One Of Your Friends


If you’re lượt thích me, then this question could prompt some pretty variable responses, depending on which of my friends you ask — but let me give you a bit of advice: You don’t need lớn be completely forthcoming about your college drinking partner’s opinion of you.

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It’s one of the most common interview questions out there, và it’s especially useful for hiring managers who want khổng lồ learn what soft skills you’ll bring khổng lồ the table. In this article, we are going to layout :

Tips for how to answer it

Several example answers

Why managers ask this question


How to lớn Answer “How Would Your Friends Describe You?”

Answering this interview question is a great way to nội dung your best personality traits.

Stay relevant. Use some humanizing words — but this isn’t a dating profile, so you also want khổng lồ keep this related lớn the workplace too: persistent, practical, innovative.

Be honest. Don’t lie — we say that a lot, but you don’t want to get hired because you said, “They’d say that I speak the most impressive Greek and Mandarin they’ve ever heard,” when you actually don’t.

Short Example Answers

“She would definitely tell you that when times are tough for everyone, not just one of us, I’m always there lớn see things through.”

“That I’m organized, considerate, and dependable.”

Example Answers lớn “How Would Your Friends Describe You?”

Let’s take a look at some full-length sample answers in action:

Example Answer 1: Software Developer

“My friends would describe be as an eternal optimist. I never let little frustrations phối me back & I’m always looking for solutions right away. When my friends và I got lost in Rome during a semester abroad, I took charge and used what little Italian I knew lớn ask around for directions.

“I’m not quick lớn panic in new situations, & I actually enjoy solving puzzles & learning things as I go.”

Example Answer 2: Human Resources Manager

“My friends would describe me helpful and communicative. I don’t really enjoy idle time, so when a friend needs help with something, I jump at the chance for activity. I also have really xuất hiện an honest communication with my friends. I’ve been able lớn avoid a lot of conflict by having frank conversations before things come to a head.”

Example Answer 3: Office Manager

“My friends always joke that I’m ‘the Mom’ of the group. When we go on trips, big or small, I have a plan in place & supplies ready for every eventuality. Even when it’s just a hike, I’m the person who brings the sandwiches, has all the trails mapped out with the best scenic spots, and has extra socks in case anyone steps in a puddle.”

Example Answer 4: Teacher

“They’d say that I’m compassionate and empathetic. My friends can count on me lớn read the room correctly & steer conversations to a place of positivity. My friends know that I can’t be 100% comfortable unless everyone around me is also comfortable.

“They would also say I’m a curious person who loves to learn và share interesting stories. I’m the guy who still cuts out magazine clippings when I see something I think would interest a friend.”

Why Interviewers Ask “How Would Your Friends Describe You?”

Interviewers ask how your friends would describe you to lớn get a sense of your self-awareness và assess how your soft skills match up with the company, department, và role you’re applying for.

Hiring managers and recruiters are hoping for a glimpse of your personality — they don’t really care about your friend’s honest opinions. In point of fact, most employers deliberately ask you khổng lồ not put friends down as references on your applications.

The phrasing of this question is actually a bit of a trick. If they were lớn directly ask you what you think about yourself, they’d be opening themselves up khổng lồ a whole bunch of the kind of resume fluff that they hate reading on a regular basis.

They already know that you’re going to lớn paint yourself in a rosy picture regardless, but by getting you lớn remove yourself from the interviewee position for a moment và subconsciously empathize with another person’s perspective, they encourage you to lớn be just a bit more realistic.

This question is a demo of your self-perception and an honest appraisal of how the world sees you, not just how you see yourself. How you answer will also reveal what non-career characteristics you find valuable in yourself & others.

Additionally, some hiring managers and recruiters might compare your answer to lớn how your references described you to lớn gauge your self-assessment’s accuracy. & they want more than just a few adjectives (though your adjective choice should be thoughtful và deliberate).

Interviewers lượt thích to hear a brief anecdote to back up why your friends would use those words. Your answer will reveal how well your interpersonal style and set of soft skills will fit in with the company culture.

Common Mistakes to lớn Avoid When Answering “How Would Your Friends Describe You?”

When answering this question, avoid these common mistakes:

Don’t go over the top. When you’re answering this question, there’s going khổng lồ be bias. Recruiters know that. But that doesn’t give you không tính phí rein khổng lồ just go on about how sweet, thoughtful, and beautiful you are.

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If they wanted that, they’d have asked you what your mother thinks of you.

Don’t use overly-professional language. As mentioned earlier, this is a chạy thử of how you honestly think you come across lớn people who know you well — so don’t use business jargon & manager lingo:

Bad Example Answers

“My best friend since preschool, Timmy, would say that I’m a detailed-oriented team player.”

“The best man at my wedding once told me that my ability to empathetically manage my direct reports inspired him to get married in the first place.”

“My sorority big describes me as a deadlines-fixated perfectionist who is always willing khổng lồ stay late.”

However, if you’re using that last one as a way to lớn imply that you’re really good at ordering drinks right before last điện thoại tư vấn so you can drink until the bar closes, that’s kind of cool.

Tips for Answering “How Would Your Friends Describe You?”

Tell a brief story. Adjectives are cheap, but stories can beef up your answer. Think of anecdotes of times when your personality traits played a big role in something getting done.

For example, if you’re a problem-solver, talk about a time you helped a friend with a difficult issue.

Research the company. Make sure that you describe yourself in a way that fits within the company you’re interviewing with.

After reading this, prepare your answer for every interview — but in preparing for this interview, you should look into the company’s website to lớn better gauge what they care about.

You can usually figure out from a company’s website what they value and how they lượt thích to present themselves to the public, and if not then take to lớn LinkedIn — if workers here present themselves as best friends who care about their clients và the world at large, try to lớn align yourself with those characteristics.

Figure out:

Their focus on innovation or tradition

Final Thoughts

Stepping back lớn understand how others perceive you is a worthwhile activity, interview question or no. While your insights might be interesting, remember lớn focus your interview answer on qualities that are relevant for the job you’re applying for.

It’s a common interview question for understanding your interpersonal skills and capacity for empathy. Hiring managers and recruiters don’t want to lớn hire someone who is just technically proficient; they want lớn hire an employee that coworkers will enjoy being around.

Company culture is a somewhat organic thing that evolves based on hiring decisions. Sell yourself as someone who can contribute to và improve an existing culture, and you’re more likely to get a job offer.

When you tell an interviewer about yourself, you’ll naturally jump khổng lồ qualifications & accomplishments. But when you have to lớn answer a question about how your friends would describe you, you’re forced to lớn ditch the purely job-related qualities you have.

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Expert Opinions


With any interview question, I always try khổng lồ think about what the interviewer actually wants khổng lồ learn about me. In a question such as, “how would your friends describe you?”, I think of it as an opportunity lớn talk about something outside of the normal response to “what are your greatest strengths?”. The response should showcase who you are as a human-being outside of work và not just on paper! You really want khổng lồ give the interviewer confidence that you will be a good fit within the company’s culture. Ultimately, the response should leave the interviewer feeling like you have been sincere in your response and that you could even be their friend outside of the office.