Describe a song or a piece of music you like

What the song or music isWhat kind of song or music is it Where you first heard it And explain why you like it

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For me, music and songs are way beyond mere means of entertainment. Sure, there are millions of songs và tunes out there. However, my playlist is extremely different from that of those I know. And, almost everybody goes gaga over the songs I like listening to.

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So, one of the songs that I can listen to thousands of times is Runaway by Aurora. It was released in năm ngoái and is a part of the “Running with the Wolves” album. The tuy nhiên belongs khổng lồ a mixed up genre, including Folktronica, Electronic music, Synth-pop, & Alternative/Indie.

First, I heard it on Instagram. Somebody had created a reel with a stanza of this song. Và then, it trended for almost a month. There were millions of people making reels on this song. First, I simply ignored it. However, since it was repetitive on my feed, I paid attention to lớn the lyrics, which were enthralling. I instantly Googled the song and added it lớn my playlist.

There are a plethora of reasons behind my preference. The tuy nhiên touches the right chords of the heart. It has soothing music that doesn’t pump you up but keeps you connected. Also, I believe the lyrics are relatable for every adult, trying hard to lớn build a life and dealing with stress.

Whenever I feel low, I plug in my earphones and play this tuy nhiên on a loop. If you have good taste in music and like calming songs, this one is surely going lớn keep you hooked for long.

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I have always been a massive fan of music. I love listening to lớn music because good music helps me recharge my battery as well as uplift my spirit after a long day overloaded with work & study. I listen lớn many different kinds of music, from Rock to Jazz, depending on where I am, who I’m with, và how I feel at the time. Today I’m going to lớn tell you about one of my favourite songs, titled ‘Hello’.

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The genre is pop, as characterized by its upbeat music và simple, down-to-earth lyrics. It’s actually a single that just went platinum this week. The tuy nhiên is viral at the moment, I mean, it’s the talk of the town. It’s been topping the charts for weeks và has got millions of streams on music sites.

The person who performs the tuy nhiên is Adele, an internationally acclaimed artist, hailing from the UK. She’s made a killing with her albums, but she’s maintained a somewhat low-profile lifestyle. I am a huge tín đồ of her. I have an impressive collection of her records that I really treasure. Maybe I would have the fortune to lớn attend one of her concerts.

I first listened to the tuy vậy last week. It was when I was in the middle of finals. I was up to the ears in revision and it was incredibly nerve-racking time, so I needed something khổng lồ let my hair down. That’s when I went to YouTube to lớn watch some music videos. The minute I heard Adele’s voice, I was hooked and totally blown away. I’ve put the tuy vậy on repeat ever since.

I am keen on the song for a number of reasons. First, it was her voice that struck me, which is incredibly soothing, và has a nice warm unique to it. The lyrics is also dope. It talks about emotions after two people part ways in a relationship và I can definitely relate lớn that.


Here are the vocabularies for “describe a tuy vậy or a piece of music you like” with examples:

A huge/big fan of (phrase) really like someoneEg: I am a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan.

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Uplift one’s spirit (phrase) fill with high spirits; fill with optimismEg: This film is surely going to lớn uplift your spirits. Overload with (phrase) to put too many people or things in or on somethingEg: The truck has been overloaded with goods. Down-to-earth (adj) practicalEg: The nurse who treated me in the hospital was a very down-to-earth person. Go platinum (phrase) lớn sell 1 million copies of an albumEg: The artist’s new album tuy nhiên went platinum & reached the highest position in the top music charts. The talk of the town (idiom) if something is the talk of a place, people there talk a lot about itEg: The robbery in Rose’s house became the talk of the town. Acclaim (verb) praiseEg: The winner was acclaimed và awarded by the chief guest. Make a killing (phrase) to lớn have great success, especially in making moneyEg: John’s start-up is making a killing, I am sure it’d reach great heights. Low-profile (adj) deliberately not attracting public attentionEg: Although Mr. Khan is a rich man, he maintains a low-profile. In the middle of (doing) something (phrase) busy doing somethingEg: “I can’t talk to lớn you now, I am in the middle of directing the movie.”Up lớn the ears/neck/eyes in (idiom) involved in a difficult situation, or with more work to bởi vì than you can khuyến mãi withEg: John was in debt up lớn his ears. Nerve-racking (adj) making you very nervous or worriedEg: It was nerve-wracking for me to lớn see the audience. Let one’s hair down (idiom) to relax and enjoy yourself because you are in a comfortable environmentEg: Only during weekends, I let my hair down and enjoy with my friends. Hooked (adj) if you are hooked on something, you find it so attractive or interesting that you want to vì it as much as possibleEg: The suspense of the movie kept me hooked to what will happen next. Blow away (phrasal verb) impressive greatlyEg: Rose was blown away by the artist’s creativity. Dope (adj) very goodEg: He’s a dope in acting. Part ways (phrase) over a relationshipEg: Rose decided lớn part ways with her husband.
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