Describe a house or an apartment you would lượt thích to live in IELTS Cue Card


Describe a house or an apartment you would like to live in

You should say:What it is like?Where it would be?Why you would like to live in this house/apartment?And how you feel about this house/apartment?

Sample Answer 1


For most people buying a house is the primary aim of life. When their career is on the right trajectory, they buy a house or an apartment. Although I have a home of my own, I would lượt thích to purchase another one as per my needs.

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What it is like?, & Where it would be?

I bởi vì not wish to live in big accommodation, because spending much on the maintenance and upkeep of the property is not a prudent approach. Moreover, I will buy a house in the countryside with a large terrace & a swimming pool.

For electricity supply, I will opt for renewable energy, I would install panels on the roof khổng lồ tap solar energy. Apart from this, I would make sufficient arrangements to vì chưng rainwater harvesting.

Why you would like to live in this house/apartment?

Being a nature-loving person, I would buy an abode that must be away from the hustle and bustle of cities because traffic congestion catches my head.

Furthermore, I am a fitness enthusiast, và a house in the countryside would allow to lớn me breathe clean và pristine air. Another benefit I would get is organic food available in the hinterlands. That would help me lớn get proper nutrition.

Lastly, I always love to bởi vì things beyond the conventional domain. And building a house in the countryside with modern facilities is something special

 AND how vị you feel about this house/apartment?

Living in my dream home would help me live a peaceful và comfortable life.

Sample Answer 2


Being a flamboyant person, I like my dream trang chủ to be a special one.

What it is like?

My dream trang chủ is a luxurious house loaded with features.

Where it would be?

It would be in the heart of the city, because being an extrovert, I love khổng lồ live in an area with hustle & bustle nearby.

Why you would like to live in this house/apartment?

I would like to live in this house apartment for various reasons. First & foremost, I love to live an opulent lifestyle. Và staying in a big house would empower me to take full use of luxuries at my disposal.

Moreover, being a social butterfly, I love to throw parties. A spacious house would help organise events at my home with tremendous ease: Moreover, the lawn would be an added advantage khổng lồ make the guests feel comfortable.

Another reason for owning a big house is khổng lồ have a spacious kitchen. As I am a connoisseur of food, cooking is my passion. During my không tính tiền time, I would cook numerous mouth-watering delicacies khổng lồ pamper the appetite of my family members.

Lastly, having sufficient space would empower me to build a library inside the house. Being a voracious reader, I love to lớn read different books, and by loading my library with numerous books, I will encourage my family members to lớn read a lot.

And how vị you feel about this house/apartment?

Shifting lớn my dream house will be a dream come true moment. I am trying my best by working with determination, dedication & discipline khổng lồ achieve my aim.

Sample Answer 3


Buying the dream trang chủ is the most significant wish a person has. I have the perfect picture of my future abode in my mind.

What it is like?

I would live in a 3bhk house with all the modern amenities. Being a nature-loving person, I want my trang chủ to have facilities lượt thích rainwater harvesting. Moreover, I love lớn eat organic vegetables and fruits, & for this reason, I will maintain a garden in the rear part of my house where I will grow seasonal vegetables.

Furthermore, I will have a big classroom in my house, where I will impart training lớn the children from a humble background. I aim to lớn bring a paradigm shift in their attitude and lead their lives towards an impressive growth trajectory.

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Lastly, I will make sufficient arrangements for organising parties in my house. The drawing-room would act as a tiệc ngọt hall. Being a social butterfly, I love interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. By having events inside my home, I would enhance my friend circle.

Where it would be?

Hitherto I have been staying in North India which consists of plains and hills. However, I would like to have my dream abode near the seashore.

Why you would like to live in this house/apartment?

I have this uncanny knack for doing things beyond the conventional domain. I have enjoyed my life in plains & hills, but the thrill of the sea is missing.

I will live in this apartment khổng lồ experience life near the beach, & I will regularly participate in snorkelling, scuba diving và many other sea pursuits.

And how vị you feel about this house/apartment?

I staunchly believe that living in my dream house would all colours khổng lồ my life.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related khổng lồ the cue thẻ “Describe a house or an apartment you would lượt thích to live in”.

1. Bởi most Indian people live in an apartment or house?

A large section of Indian society lives in rural areas. & people from the countryside love khổng lồ live in houses. As far as cities are concerned, the percentage of people living in léman luxury apartments is rising tremendously. The prominent reason behind this change is the scarcity of space in the cities.

As the population in cities is growing by leaps và bounds, governments bởi not have any other option but khổng lồ construct apartments.

2. Vị young people in your country like to live with their parents or by themselves?

In my country, joint families in trend for ages. However, in the last few decades, the percentage of nuclear families has increased considerably. And the reason for such a paradigm shift is that youngsters have started giving preference to lớn independent life.

3. Would you live in a foreign country in the future?

Being a travel enthusiast, I tend to live in different places. Although I have stayed in many cities in my country, I haven’t stayed abroad for a long time yet. Due khổng lồ this reason, I have a dream to lớn spend four to lớn five years of my life in a foreign country.

4. How is modern trang chủ design in your country different khổng lồ that of the past?

In the past houses were simple, however, nowadays they have numerous features. Firstly, there are innumerable options available for interiors. The use of pop has grown manifold.

Moreover, these days houses are made on pillars. Due to this, most houses are earthquake-proof.

5. In your country what type of trang chủ do most people live in?

As joint families are in prevalence in India. Most people live in single-storey or double-storey houses, 

6. What kinds of apartments are the most popular?

The léman luxury with lifts are most popular in India. Because for the old age people it is challenging khổng lồ climb stairs.

7. What are the differences between houses that young people & old people like?

Young people pay more heed lớn the style of the houses. On the other hand, older people pay attention khổng lồ the comfort and strength of the abode.

8. What are the differences between apartments và houses?

Apartments owners bởi not have roof rights. All apartment owners are partial owners of roofs. Moreover, the kích thước of a house is generally bigger than that of an apartment. Another notable feature is extra facilities lượt thích a swimming pool and club which are easily available with apartments.

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9. Vày people usually rent or buy a house? Why?

People usually rent a house because buying it requires a lot of capital expenditure. On the other hand, renting a home does not require much expenditure. Moreover, after buying a home, shifting to another place looks cumbersome. However, for those who stay on rent them shifting khổng lồ other accommodation is an easy process.