Bài Viết Về Kỳ Nghỉ Hè Bằng Tiếng Anh


Tuyển tập một số đoạn văn Nói về kì nghỉ ngơi hè bằng tiếng anh hay nhất do đứng top lời giải sưu tầm với biên soạn, mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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Nói về kì nghỉ hè bằng tiếng anh - chủng loại số 1

Last summer, I had a wonderful vacation at My Khe beach – da Nang. We traveled by plane to da Nang which took us about 2 hours. As soon as I arrived, I could see the large & beautiful sea. Và at that moment, I wanted lớn run quickly khổng lồ the sea, enjoy the clear xanh water and fresh air. The weather in da Nang was wonderful. There were many people there who swim, bathe, play soccer, windsurf; the children built sandcastles on the sea. My family & I went back khổng lồ the hotel to put the luggage. Then we ate seafood together. The service here makes me very satisfied. The food was very fresh & deliciously cooked. After eating & resting, we went to lớn the sea. I was immersed in the cool water & the waves. It was great! I also get khổng lồ meet foreigners. They were tourists & they are very friendly. In the evening we go for a walk at the beach và sing karaoke together on the sand. We stayed in Danang for 3 days. I also went lớn souvenir shops khổng lồ buy gifts for my friends. When I got back trang chủ I was very happy and a little bit regretful because I couldn’t stay longer. This was the best summer vacation I’ve ever had.

Nói về kì nghỉ ngơi hè bởi tiếng anh - mẫu số 2

Anyone can enjoy summer vacations the way they like. However, according khổng lồ me the best way to lớn enjoy summer vacation is lớn learn or read something. Also, learning và reading not only help you in your school và college life but also proved very useful in the future. But everyone has their opinion about enjoying the summer vacation. On one hand, there are people who like to go outdoor & on the other, there are people who lượt thích to spend their entire time indoors. Summer vacation is a quality time of the year for children. So, they should try lớn utilize that time not only in playing games but also doing some activities that will make them more active. Và for me, I will definitely stay at trang chủ this summer, learning English online & read some suggested books.

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Nói về kì nghỉ ngơi hè bởi tiếng anh - mẫu số 3

One of my best memories is the trip went to Ha Long cất cánh with my classmates last summer holiday. To lớn me, the trip was not just a holiday but rather interesting experience và learning. Ha Long cất cánh is located in quang đãng Ninh Province và is 151 km from Ha Noi đô thị to the East. It is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. We took 4 hours lớn get to Ha Long cất cánh by car. As soon as we reached there after a long journey, I was stunned by the beautiful scenic views that I only saw in pictures. Ha Long cất cánh has a nice, clean, romance beach and there are many things to discover. After lunch, we took a short rest then we swam all afternoon. We stayed in a 3-star khách sạn in front of the beach. In the evening, after going back from club, we sat together on the beach khổng lồ see the stars in the sky. It was so romantic & relax. Next day, we hired a boat for a trip khổng lồ see the islands. How amazing it is. I was extremely surprise with the natural beauty of Ngac Nhien and Sung So hang. I was so interested in areas and islands in Ha Long cất cánh that I didn’t want to leave. We did so many activities included swimming, surfing, football, boat trip & shopping. We took a lot of photographs. I so liked seafood in Ha Long that I bought a lot of them as a present lớn my family when I came back. I really had a relax & wonderful time in Ha Long Bay. That was pity when we only stayed there 2 days. The trip left me very much impressive & unforgetale memories.

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Nói về kì nghỉ hè bởi tiếng anh - chủng loại số 4

Weather is always hot in summers, that is why many people choose khổng lồ escape the heat by going somewhere cold such as da Lat or Sapa. And lucky for me, last summer I had had a great chance to lớn go to domain authority Lat with my friends on my summer holiday. To me, the weather there was so perfect, it was still always cold during that summer. The atmosphere there was very clean and fresh, which made me feel very comfortable. What made me surprised most is that the khách sạn we stayed has no air-conditional, but we still felt cold, that’s awesome. We stayed there for about 2 weeks and we had gone khổng lồ many spectacular places. We went to lớn Love valley - one of the greatest tourists attraction in domain authority Lat, Elephant falls, Lang Biang, Dambri waterfall. I also had a chance to try out various food, drink, & fresh fruit. I really liked the mulberry smoothy there, avocado ice cream, fruit jam which was made totally from real fresh fruit,…They were all very tasty. Especially, domain authority Lat had a number of beautiful scenery, much lovely coffee shop, và attractive spots that made me want khổng lồ take a lot of pictures to lớn keep the memory. There was also a night market, always crowded with customers, where people can buy food, flowers, or any stuff they want. I had gone there & buy many gifts for my family. It was an unforgettable trip, I was quite upset that I could not stay there for a long time, but I hoped I still can visit domain authority Lat whenever I have time, và I really recommend you went to da Lat for holiday, it is very wonderful!

Nói về kì nghỉ hè bằng tiếng anh - mẫu mã số 5

My last summer vacations were still boring . I had nothing to lớn do. I could only watch TV, sleep, eat meals all day. These things may be interesting for you, but it’s boring with me. I wanted khổng lồ go on a trip but I didn’t had anyone lớn go with. However, this summer vacation, everything will be changed. I don’t have time khổng lồ watch TV anymore because I am going khổng lồ have many things khổng lồ do. I’m going lớn school to join some extra classes and start lớn practise being a teacher as my dream job is teaching students. Exspecially, I am going to lớn have a 2-day-trip khổng lồ Dalat with my family. My parents are extremely busy at work, so this will be the first time we travel together in summer vacation. I prefer staying outdoors than sitting at trang chủ and watching TV. Therefore, this summer is going lớn have a lot of fun, & I am really looking forward lớn it.